Lubricating your Bandsaw Blades

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  • January 6, 2014
bandsaw blades lubrication

Are you looking to get another 30% usage on your expensive bandsaw blades? Lubricating your blades the correct way with the right lubrication will increase the life of your bandsaw blades.

I know most people that have been in the business for years have never lubricated their blades and have had great success. I personally don’t think it is required to lubricate your blades, but this is an easy way to extend the life of your blade. Because most of the wear on bandsaw blades comes from the heat, a simple lubrication will decrease the amount of heat your bandsaw blade will see.

There are many different opinions on what to use to lubricate bandsaw blades. I have heard many woodworkers that use water and say it works fine. I would not recommend using pure water on bandsaw blades as it can cause them to rust and also water is not used a lubricant in general. You wouldn’t replace the oil in your engine for water would you?

Many manufacturers sell specific lubricants for bandsaw blades that have a formula designed for cutting. If you go this route I would recommend finding something that is more environmentally friendly that just an oil mixture. Lenox offers a bandsaw blade lube. They also have a lube tube that does not stain materials and is easy to apply.

There are other formulas designed by the long-time cutter and woodworker. I have heard some people use Pam spray. I personally would not recommend this either, especially on larger width blades. It can build it up in your bandsaw which will cause other issues. If you do choose to use Pam because it is probably already in your cabinet and is a cheaper option just make sure not to spray too much. Another option is to mix a high adhesion oil with diesel fuel. Just remember to apply on both sides, but not too much if you don’t want to stain the wood. If you are worried about staining your material than buying a non-staining bandsaw lubrication is your best option.

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