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Cutting fiberglass

We get a lot of questions about cutting fiberglass with a bandsaw blade here at BandSawBladesKing. I wanted to write a quick little post about the best blades and ways to cut fiberglass.

Bandsaw Blade to Cut Fiberglass

Our recommendation for the best blade to use for fiberglass is the Starrett Advanz FS. This is a carbide tipped blade at a very economical price. This blade has Starrett’s triple tip tooth geometry. This blade is designed to cut not only fiberglass, but also aluminum castings, masonite, plastics, composites and abrasive wood.

Why Cutting Fiberglass is Difficult

Fiberglass along with other abrasive materials like Kevlar & carbon fiber are much more difficult to cut than even abrasive woods. They can quickly shorten the life of your traditional bandsaw blades. The reasons being how abrasive these reinforcement fibers are, these composite materials are poor at transferring heat, and they have the tendency to delaminate during cutting. The delamination includes minor edge chipping to major stress fractures & cracks.

Fiberglass Cutting Tools

Rotary tools are best for cutting fiberglass, but they are also small and do not make large straight cuts very easy. This is why our customers want to use their band saw blade to cut this larger fiberglass pieces. We recommend a finer blade tooth to minimize the cutting edge damage that would occur with a coarser blade.

Fiberglass Edge Finish

To get that high quality finished edge we recommend using a sanding block to ground down any extra fibers. You can then protect your new edge by applying a small batch of resin with a lint free cloth to the new cut.

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