Diamond Band Saw Blades

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Diamond Tipped Blades

When you run out of options for your band saw, the Diamond Tipped Bandsaw Blades will cut through anything. The dense diamond grit edge will cut in any specialized application including materials that are extremely hard or abrasive. This blade is can quickly and easily cut glass-fired ceramics, silicon, stone, and laminated fiberglass.

Diamond Band Saw Blade Setup

Being a very high-end band saw blade, it is very important to setup and use your new blade correctly to ensure the longest possible life. First place your blade on the guides and set them to approximately .001″ – .0015″ over the band saw width. To make sure you have the correct tension, place your gauge when the blade is in a not tensioned condition. In this condition, zero your tension gauge. Then set your tension to the minimum tension required as you do not want to over tension a diamond tipped blade. Run the band saw to make sure it is properly installed and then reset the tension. Keep the tension at the minimum, but high enough to keep a straight cut. Be sure to check and reset the tension before each cutting shift to maintain optimum performance.

Using a Diamond Band Saw Blade

Set your band saw table speed to approximately 4 square inches per minute and check performance. Adjust in small increments until the desired cut is achieved. Set the band speed to about 1500-2500 surface feet per minute and adjust accordingly. It is best to record all your band saw blade settings to continue performance on your blades. After cutting be sure to slowly reduce speed before stopping to reduce shock on your high-end diamond blade.

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