91 Inch Band Saw Blade

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  • June 11, 2013
91 Inch Meat Band Saw Blades

The 91″ band saw blade is a popular blade as it fits many band saws for both standard cutting and meat & bone cutting.

91 Inch Band Saw Blade for Craftsman

There are many options to fit your Crafstman band saw other than just a craftsman blade. Step up your saw a notch with custom band saw blades made by Starrett at the same price. Upgrade from the carbon steel to bi-metal for a much longer blade life. All blades from Band Saw Blades King come custom to any length with a top quality weld including a standard 91 inches.

91″ Butcher’s Band Saw Blade

The Starrett Meatkutter can come custom to any length including the standard 91″ and 5/8″ width. The stainless steel option will allow easier cleaning with worry about the blade rusting. This blade will fit the Biro band saw model 22, Globe Stimson band saw model 111, and other butcher’s band saws. The bi-metal Meatkutter comes in a 1 1/4″ width blade for superior meat cutting.

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