80 Inch Band Saw Blades

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  • May 13, 2013
80 Inch Band Saw Blades

There are many “standard” size band saw blades offered online, but why buy just a regular blade when you can get your 80 inch band saw blades from top saw blade manufacturers like Lenox, Simonds & Starrett? Every blade at Band Saw Blades King comes in all blade length options to the quarter of an inch! Simonds band saw blades are a great option with their high quality materials and designs for your standard 80 inch blade.

Custom 80 Inch Blades

Buying a custom blades gives our customers a new array of options for 80 inch blades over the typical standard built blades. There are so many options in blade width and blade type that can increase the blade’s productivity depending on each specific application. Along with multiple blade with options there are so many choices in blade material that can either help the cutting experience by giving a more economical option like carbon steel or a bi-metal or carbide blade for longer life to keep production up and running.

Learn more about choosing the correct band saw blade for your application from our band saw blade resources section. Remember, a custom band saw blade can come in any length…including 80 inches.

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