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The Custom Band Saw Blades blog page is a great place to go for up to date information on band saw blades, welding techniques, and more innovative cutting ideas. Ask questions or add your comment about any information on band saw blades you would like to contribute.

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  • Fiberglass Bandsaw Blades

    BY Band Saw Blade Expert ON January 8, 2015
    Cutting fiberglass

    We get a lot of questions about cutting fiberglass with a bandsaw blade here at BandSawBladesKing. I wanted to write a quick little post about the best blades and ways to cut fiberglass. Bandsaw Blade to Cut Fiberglass Our recommendation for the best blade to use for fiberglass is the Starrett Advanz FS. This is […]

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  • ReSharpening Band Saw Blades

    BY Band Saw Blade Expert ON August 11, 2014
    Sharpening a Band Saw Blade

    I am guessing you have hit a nail or other hard material with your brand new band saw blade because almost everyone working in the wood cutting industry has at some point in time. We all know these materials will make a new blade dull very quickly. Even if you cut new woods, green wood […]

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  • Diamond Band Saw Blades

    BY Band Saw Blade Expert ON March 24, 2014
    Diamond Tipped Blades

    When you run out of options for your band saw, the Diamond Tipped Bandsaw Blades will cut through anything. The dense diamond grit edge will cut in any specialized application including materials that are extremely hard or abrasive. This blade is can quickly and easily cut glass-fired ceramics, silicon, stone, and laminated fiberglass. Diamond Band […]

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  • Blades for Cutting Aluminum

    BY Band Saw Blade Expert ON March 4, 2014
    band saw blades for cutting aluminum

    Cutting Aluminum with the Right Blade Selecting the right type of blade is your first step in trying to cut aluminum. An economical choice might be to choose a carbon steel bandsaw blade typically used for cutting wood. This type of blade will work, but aluminum is non to a sticky metal and you will […]

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  • International Builders Show

    BY Band Saw Blade Expert ON January 20, 2014
    Meet our suppliers at the International Builders Show.

    If you are headed to the annual International Builders Show 2014 in Las Vegas on February 4, please stop by our suppliers booths. Lenox and Starrett will have a booth setup to answer any questions about their products. Here you can learn new techniques and new products that are coming straight from the manufacturer. Find […]

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  • Lubricating your Bandsaw Blades

    BY John Mercer ON January 6, 2014
    bandsaw blades lubrication

    Are you looking to get another 30% usage on your expensive bandsaw blades? Lubricating your blades the correct way with the right lubrication will increase the life of your bandsaw blades. I know most people that have been in the business for years have never lubricated their blades and have had great success. I personally […]

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