Many companies who require custom bandsaw blades reach a point where they consider purchasing their own bandsaw blades welding machine vs. ordering blades welded by a custom bandsaw blades welder. BandsawbladesKing may be biased, but we also have one of the best bandsaw blade welders in the World. We’ve been welding bandsaw blades in Monroe, Indiana since before most of our customers were born, and definitely before this crazy internet existed; but let us tell you what to look for if you are considering purchasing a bandsaw blade welder.

Bandsaw Blade Welder (Machine)


  • Faster turn-around on blades
  • One-time fixed cost
  • Amortize Equipment
  • You learn to weld

  • Expensive upfront cost
  • No Warranty on Welds
  • Requires expertise and time to weld properly
  • Must stock various blade stock and pay for wasted stock (remnants)

Compare this to ordering a custom bandsaw blade that is HAND welded by BandsawBladesKing and that comes with a money-back guarantee on the weld for a few bucks more than blade stock…I think you’ve found your answer!