The rate at which the saw blade cuts across the face of the material is considered the band speed and is usually listed as feet per minute (FPM) or meters per minute (MPM). You can get more efficient cutting with a faster band speed because it creates a higher and more desirable shear plane angle. Unfortunately the saw blade band speed is restricted by the heat produced from the cutting of the material and the machinability of the material. Excessive heat will quickly reduce the fatigue life of your blade which depends on the cutting material combined with the blade speed. Finding the optimal saw blade will create the perfect combination for any cutting operation to give your blade a longer life and more efficient & smoother material cuts.

The Correct Blade Speed

Chips are the best indicator of the correct feed force and band speed. The shape and color of the excess chips can tell you if you are using the correct saw blade speed. If a silver material is changed to brown when cutting then you are seeing excessive heat and blue chips will indicate extremely excessive heat which will quickly shorten the life of the blade. The material chips should be thin, tightly curled, and warm to the touch after cutting.

Faster Blade Speed Options

Lenox Tools has created a special coating for the bandsaw blades to withstand higher heat. If you are seeing excessive heat, but don’t want to slow the band speed down, a small upgrade to the Lenox Armor blades can keep your application cutting faster and longer. The Amor coating or “shield” pushes the excess heat into the chips rather than the blade for a longer blade life.