Wood Cutting Band Saw Blades

Get higher production rates and less downtime replacing blades in your wood cutting applications. Woodmaster & Woodpecker band saw blades have been designed to wear evenly for longer lasting resaw blades. These blades are engineering to cut at extreme band speeds, outlasting common carbon blades. If you have a high production of woodworking, our wood cutting band saw blades could make the huge difference in your bottom line. Not only can they cut faster, but they are known for a more consistent performance with straighter cuts on a variety of woods.

Woodmaster by Lenox

Lenox has surpassed quality with their Woodmaster brand of bandsaw blades with the Woodmaster C. Along with a very competitive, this blade will increase your productivity. It even works well with exotic woods and typically harder to cut wood varieties. Some common ideal applications include hardwood flooring, wood siding, molding, paneling and other millwork applications. The Woodmaster C Band Saw Blade could be your next solution to all wood cutting applications.

Woodpecker by Starrett

Another great option for wood cutting band saw blades is Starrett’s Woodpecker Pro & Woodpecker Premium band saw blade products. Starrett designed the Woodpecker blades to work especially well for cabinet making, woodworkers, and furniture sawing. This blade can even cut Paper, Rubber, Foam/ Fibrous Materials, & Acrylic making it a great all-around blade option for your sawmill.

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