Starret Woodpecker Premium for Pallet Dismantling

This blade comes with a thicker option specifically for cutting pallets & nails. These blades have a hardened spring tempered back and are designed to be re-sharpened to save you money on new blades.

PalletBuster Blade by Simonds

Simonds has also designed their own version of a pallet disassembling saw blade. This saw blade was specifically designed for recycling wooden pallets with the direct input from actual pallet dismantling customers. The blade is offered in carbon steel for a more economical choice and with a bi-metal construction for the heavy duty applications and longer life. Simond’s special tooth design for the PalletBuster saw blade assures the consumer nails are cut with minimal kerf loss.

PalletMaster by Lenox

Lenox has designed their own specific blade for dismantling pallets known as the PalletMaster. This brand cuts gives straighter cuts with less force. Lenox has crated a reciprocating blade option designed to withstand nails with a fast cut. We also offer their carbon and bi-metal options for dismantling pallets at custom lengths.

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