It can often be very difficult to find meat and bone cutting band saw blades that last long enough to keep your butcher shop running. Cutting meat with little waste and downtime can increase your meat cutting efficiency significantly.

Meat Cutting Band Saw Blades

Starrett has designed a great series for cutting the toughest pieces of meat, including frozen meats and large carcasses. The Meatkutter band saw blade series has a long lasting Bi-Metal blade option or the Premium blades for a more economical choice. The premium is specifically designed to cut meat, fish, and poultry both with and without the bone. There is also a “Frozen” blade option that Starrett designed to last even longer cutting frozen meats. For tougher meats, the Carcasskutter is another great option. Starrett designs their meat cutting blades with ground teeth for faster and more accurate cuts to eliminate waste and time. Because the food industry keeps those blades so clean, the stainless steel blade option is great for consistent washing with no worry for rust.

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