Carbide Tipped Bandsaw Blades Performance

A combination of high performing steel and optimized carbide tipped blade teeth give these carbide band saw blades a long lasting cutting edge that can be used in wide variety of applications. Carbide tipped blades are designed mostly for cutting hard and abrasive materials that will break a “standard” band saw blade in minutes. Starrett offers the perfect carbide tipped blade for you and we will custom weld it to any length you desire.

Carbide Tipped Advantage

These high performance steel bandsaw blades have a carbide tipped tooth to create a longer lasting and optimized cutting edge for tough materials. The steel reinforces the base of the bandsaw blade, but with a carbide tooth tip your blade will last 10 to 20 times longer than a regular steel tipped bandsaw blade. Carbide tipped band saw blades save cutting time & downtime with more fast and clean cuts.

Band Saw Blades for Hard Wood

If you need to cut abrasive woods or are just looking for a long lasting blade with an fine finish, upgrading to the carbide tipped band saw blades for wood might be a good idea. Lenox offers Carbide Bandsaw Blades, specifically the Woodmaster CT for cutting wood. Starrett offers a wide array of carbide tipped blades, for a similar price to the Woodmaster CT, the Advanz FS Carbide Tipped blade is a great option for cutting wood.

We offer custom length carbide band saw blades with free shipping over $75 everyday!

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