Bi-Metal BandSaw Blades Advantages

Bi-metal bandsaw blades are created with more than just one type of high performance steel and built mainly for cutting metal. The definition of bi-metal is combining two metals, usually to create a stronger or more effective result. When it comes to bi-metal band saw blades, a high performance steel is combined with a more flexible alloy steel to create an efficient and cost effective choice for metal cutting applications.

Metal Cutting Band Saw Blades

With extensive experience in bandsaw blades, both Lenox and Simonds know the advantages and disadvantages of metal & cutting materials. With lots of research and development they have been able to design the perfect combinations of metals and alloys to create a stronger, faster cutting bandsaw blade for cutting metal. A stronger and harder metal may seem like the best choice, but when it comes to the foundation of the blade, a less brittle and more flexible metal is used. The combination of a flexible blade and a strong high speed teeth will your most efficient and cost effective bandsaw blade.

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