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LENOX Tools has dedicated one of the largest & most experienced teams in the world to their R&D. They have been developing premium cutting tools for almost 90 years to make your job easier. Their focus is to give you the best performance possible for the money. LENOX uses Six Sigma® to ensure proven & consistent cutting for each product.
"If there’s a way to engineer more performance into tools, we’ll find it."


Woodmaster C Bandsaw Blades Cut Straighter

The Woodmaster C band saw blades are designed specifically for high demand saw mill and resaw applications. This carbon steel bandsaw blade will give straighter cuts at higher band speeds than a typical blade.

Woodmaster C Long Life

The Woodmaster blades are designed with a one piece carbon steel construction with induction hardened tooth tips for long life in wood cutting applications. The blade and the teeth wear evenly for longer life.

Increase Cutting Productivity with Woodmaster C

The Woodmaster C has an improved beam strength for high feed rates. Not only does this blade increase productivity with the long blade life, but higher feed rates can be used to get straight cuts.

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