Woodmaster B Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade

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Precision Engineered Bi-Metal Blades

Increase blade life with two-piece steel construction.

B Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blades
starting from: $24.97
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Band Saw Blade Options

Band Saw Blade Custom Length

  • Bulk Blade Pricing
  • 5-9 Blades $23.72 per Blade
  • 10-14 Blades $22.47 per Blade
  • 15 or More Blades $21.22 per Blade

Woodmaster B Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade Features

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Excellent Blade Life at High Speeds

The Woodmaster Bi-metal bandsaw blades cut faster and longer than the carbon steel blade. With a slightly higher price, you can increase productivity by switching to the bi-metal wood cutting blade. This blade has a two-piece steel construction that increases blade life.

Better Wear Resistance

The high-speed steel tooth tips are cobalt rich for better heat and wear resistance. Another reason to choose the Woodmaster B bandsaw blades.

Longer Fatigue Life

Woodmaster has increased the beam strength witha durable spring steel backing material that will increase the fatigue life of this blade getting more cuts out of each blade.

Consistent and Reliable Blade Performance