Lenox Flex Back Carbon Steel Bandsaw Blade

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Bandsaw Blade Applications

Flexible & Durable design Cuts a wide range of materials including Carbon, Plastics, Copper, Graphite, Bronze, Brass, Fiberglass, Wood, and Aluminum materials.

Carbon Steel
Flex Back Blade
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Band Saw Blade Options

Band Saw Blade Custom Length

  • Bulk Blade Pricing
  • 5-9 Blades $9.47 per Blade
  • 10-14 Blades $8.97 per Blade
  • 15 or More Blades $8.47 per Blade

Lenox Flex Back Carbon Steel Bandsaw Blade Features

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The Lenox flex back carbon steel blade is good for utility cutting on a wide range of materials. The flexible design allows this blade to work at high speeds (up to 15,000 feet per minute).

This blade is designed to work with vertical contour saws.