Starrett Advanz MC5 Carbide Tipped Bandsaw Blade

Bandsaw Blades Product Information
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Fast & Precise Cutting with an Excellent Surface Finish!

• Low alloy tooth steels
• Hot and cold rolled machine steels
• Automotive aluminium casting blocks
• Cast Iron
• Brass
• Bronze
• Copper

Carbide Tipped
Advanz MC5
starting from: $69.99
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Band Saw Blade Options

Band Saw Blade Custom Length

  • Bulk Blade Pricing
  • 5-9 Blades $66.49 per Blade
  • 10-14 Blades $62.99 per Blade
  • 15 or More Blades $59.49 per Blade

Starrett Advanz MC5 Carbide Tipped Bandsaw Blade Features

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The Starrett Advanz MC5 bandsaw blade utilizes a multiple chip grind with a high/low tooth sequence. This causes the chip load to be spread over more teeth to facilitate a longer blade life.

Exclusive Advanz MC5 Tooth Geometry

• Ground tooth produces 5 chips
• High/low grind sequence
• Positive rake angle
• Sub micron carbide (HV1600)

• Cutting non-ferrous metals and castings
• Higher productivity through reduced cutting time
• Precision cuts – superb surface finish
• Excellent “cost per cut” for production cutting
• Starrett exclusive edge preparation – minimizes micro chipping