Lenox Cast Master™ Carbide Tipped Band Saw Blades

Bandsaw Blades Product Information
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Superior Performance With Castings

Designed for especially for Castings. Also cuts Aluminum/Non-Ferrous, Gates & Risers, Wood, & Composite materials.

+ Set Style (Cast Master SST)

Carbide Tipped Saw Blade
Cast Master™
starting from: $59.57
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Band Saw Blade Options

Band Saw Blade Custom Length

  • Bulk Blade Pricing
  • 5-9 Blades $56.59 per Blade
  • 10-14 Blades $53.61 per Blade
  • 15 or More Blades $50.63 per Blade

Lenox Cast Master™ Carbide Tipped Band Saw Blades Features

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Foundry & Casting Applications

The sub-micron grade carbide tipped teeth are designed to cut aluminum and other non-ferrous materials with exceptionally long blade life. The precision grind on the rake face will prevent material build up on the tooth edge making this blade perfect for castings.

Cut Freely with Limited Feed Pressure

The optimized design of the rake angle and narrow kerf enables high speed cutting without pulling the part for free and easy cuts. The mutli-chip blade tooth design will reduce cutting forces with limited vibration for easier part feeding, thus works well with hand fed applications.

Increased Blade Fatigue Life

High allow backing steel preparation minimizes saw band breaks with a longer fatigue life.

* High performance blades for foundry applications.